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    The Factory Raid Bomber Crew USAAF DLC Campaign Let's Play 15

    автор | дата 07.11.2018
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    Today in our Bomber Crew - USAAF DLC Campaign episode we are raiding another factory. Get Bomber Crew on Steam: Get USAAF DLC for Bomber Crew on Steam: Support us on Patreon: If you like what you see, please consider subscribing Wanna hang out with GrunfWorks Community ? Join our Discord: Keep up to date with tmy latest thoughts and considerations on Twitter Pictures and chat happen on Facebook Do you Reddit? Join the unofficial official GrunfWorks sub #BomberCrew #b-17 #usaaf
    автор | дата 25.10.2018
    Bomber Crew: USAAF Campaign Start! Once again it's time to play the worlds cutest little aviation themed management and gruesome death simulator. I hope ...
    автор | дата 02.12.2018
    Supply drops are dangerous business as we venture far to bring much needed supplies to our allies in all new Bomber Crew. Want more awesome content?
    автор | дата 10.11.2018
    Today's episode puts us at very high risk destorying an enemy air factory at Olbia. Given we have a rather under-equipped bomber, the challenge becomes ...
    автор | дата 08.11.2018
    In today's episode of Bomber Crew USAAF Campaign, we are hunting some submarines, and a notable enemy ace. However, not everything goes as planned, ...
    автор | дата 06.11.2018
    Second take on the critical mission - Operation Cigni, in our Bomber Crew - USAAF DLC Campaign. It's an attempt to redeem for the abyssmally bad ...
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